Because of covid-19🦠 you really can't tell someone "Catch Me Outside How About That", therefore we were inspired to develop a platform where people can still catch the smoke💥💨 and preserve social distancing ✅

What it does

"Catch Me Online" is a web app written in React.js where users can create online video conference rooms and invite whomever they want to. You can either be a guest and simply join a room given a link or you can create a room if you are a registered user.

The platform has two main processes:


With the use of Google Cloud Firebase we allow users to register using the multiple methods Firebase Auth offers: email, phone, Google, Github. All the information is automatically stored in the database.

Video Calling

With the use of Twilio API we allow registered users to create a room where people can join via a link. Camera and audio is optional but for a better experience both are recommended.

When to use it

When you are arguing with a keyboard warrior⌨, just send a link and the person will be able to join the room! 💥

When your neighbors are being too loud 📢 and you don't want to knock on their door 🚪

When your teammates do not do their part of the project ❌

Possibilities are endlesssss♾

How We built it

  • React JS
  • Twilio API
  • Firebase
  • Figma

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using the Twilio API and a member had problems dealing with the tokens, but he was able to solve the issue and establish a live connection.

One of our members is his first hackathon and he was trying to npm install firebase but he kept getting an error, after one hour, he realized he needed to clean cache.

At the end of the day, big or small challenge was overcome with team work!

What's next for Catch Me Online

For this hackathon we decided to approach the project in a somewhat humorous way. But after realizing the power of a video platform we would like to implement this idea into education.

Instead of creating sessions for "arguing" we want to create sessions for "study groups".

Asking people for their email or discord can be a bit overwhelming and with all the platforms available we want to make it as easy as share a link and join a room.

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