Inspiration: I always wanted to contribute to my community, but always despised town hall meetings

What it does: Create digital communities where members of a school, region, or relief effort can come together and discuss/collaborate on certain issues or how their community should be developed.

How I built it: I used a web editor and PowerPoint to create a mockup

Challenges I ran into: Being alone made it close to impossible to create the actual website for this hack, so I was forced to learn how to create mockups

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: The design has received much praise overall from fellow hackers who I pitched my idea to, even though I only have a mock up.

What I learned: It is very important to get a team first and try pitching your idea to them instead of trying to recruit people after team formation.

What's next for TownHall 2.0: Creating the website, of course

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