Did you know that on October 1st, 2016 thirty five new laws went into effect in Maryland? You probably weren't aware of this. Do any of these laws effect you personally? Do they guarantee new rights you have with your employer? Do they add road regulations that you could be ticketed unknowingly for?

Could be. You better check right now!

What it does

Town Hall creates an easy, intuitive, and passive way to keep track of state laws going into effect in _ your _ zipcode. Simply download the android app and add your zip code. On the last day of every month the app will notify you if there are any new laws you should be aware of.

How we built it

An android application allows users to add their zip code to Town Hall. An Amazon EC2 server stores a number of .JSON files containing information on local and state laws that have been approved. On the last day of the month the android application creates a webhook to get information on the current list of laws found on the server. If there are any that the user should be aware of they are returned and added to a clean and easy to read notification.

Challenges I ran into

Creating an effective webhook was the largest challenge for us due to a lack of prior experience with REST APIs. Special thanks to the mentors from Capital One for helping make that process possible!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Town Hall's simplicity and ease of use it one of its best features. Our goal was to create an app as simple and passive to use as possible.

What we learned

All of our team members learned new skills. We learned things like what a JSON file is, how to use Github,

What's next for Town Hall?

TownHall is built modularly. Future versions may include features such as:

  • See which local reps voted for (and against) laws being enacted now.
  • Explore past versions of laws that were amended
  • Filter notifications by user's preferences. Allowing users to choose to be notified about laws pertaining to road rules, zoning, etc..
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