Inspired by the Grand Exchange from RuneScape, I strived to create a social layer environment for DeFi and crypto fanatics to earn and immerse themselves.

What it does

TownExchange is a DeFi MMO Universe where you can interact with your favorite dApps, protocols, and other players -- all while questing within the one same world.

Players can join and traverse the TownExchange world in a multiplayer setting, earning in game items and tokens while exploring.

Players can train, level up skills, and earn

They can fish at the docks, or chop trees in the forest near the royal palace. In the future, they'll be able to mine and farm.

A social world

Players can chat amongst each-other, discussing quests or even their favorite shitcoins.

Players can interact with their favorite DeFi protocols

By chatting with Merchant Gani, players may interact with Uniswap DEX and trade assets within the TownExchange universe. In the future, players will have access to more exchanges/protocols/dApps.

Players can own their own homes and lands, as NFTs.

P2P Trading is currently being developed.

How we built it

This project is built completely in TypeScript. Utilizing a prominent game engine, we were able to create a game world ripe for player exploration.

Challenges we ran into

Learning a brand new game engine as well as a new development paradigm was an interesting challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our ability to create a fully multiplayer world that functions as both a social layer to DeFi as well as a means to gamify crypto and interaction between DeFi protcools.

What's next for TownExchange

Continuing to add more DeFi protocols. Further integration of ICP. Adding more non-EVM chains. Finishing P2P trading development (p2p trading of NFTs on EVM)

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posted an update

Please note that access to the demo environment is restricted behind a whitelist.

If you're interested in beta access, please post a wallet address below.

Potential strategic advisors and investors may reach out to us at for priority access.

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