"The Internet Just Came Home" Internet giants (Google, Twitter, Flickr, Craigslist, YouTube, etc), together for the first time on one page - tweaked and massaged  to serve every local community. To start you may visit and look for the "" icon located in the upper left hand area. By Fri. Dec. 11, the following TownBugs will have the data active | | | | | TownBug was launched in Aug. of 2009 for every town in Fairfield County, CT. As we started building a TownBug for every neighborhood in NYC, we  very much wanted to find a way to incorporate local government into the mix and the NYC Big App challenge was literally the answer to our prayer. Though at this time we have an active TownBug for almost every area in NYC, the data will only be available in certain areas, but by Jan. 15, 2010 we hope to have all areas active with a bit more of an interactive experience.

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