We "Team High Country" are two software developers and also truck enthusiasts. NGI offers us a unique opportunity to build an app that will help make towing easier for GM vehicle owners.

What it does

  • Real-time dashboard of important vehicle vitals like transmission temperature, brake gain, electrical system status.
  • Spoken alerts if any metric gets into an un-safe range
  • Back-up assist - provides a tool that estimates the direction of a trailer when reversing, based on wheel positions
  • Display of trailer, highlights any problem areas, such as bad lightbulbs
  • Safety checklist to help prepare for towing

How we built it

We used NGI and javascript to read vehicle data.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel this is a particularly real-world an useful application that anyone who has ever towed will find useful.

What we learned

Deeper knowledge of how vehicle sub-systems work

What's next for TowLink

Richer features such as "trailer profiles"

Built With

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