• My inspiration was based off the original game stack to which my friends and family liked playing so much. ## What it does
  • TowerStack is a mini game made for the pure intentions of bringing families and friends together as it has for me. ## How we built it
  • This mini game was built using html, css, javascript and visual studio code as the main languages and text editor for this project ## Challenges we ran into
  • Ran into the challenge of not knowing how to get the project onto GitHub using git and the terminal.
  • Also ran into the problem of not knowing much on how to embedded scripts into our html ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
    • We were able to essentially take an idea and make it into a reality even with our very few skills at first.
  • Constantly researching and learning ## What we learned
  • How to embed external links into our html
  • How to use git and GitHub to set a live Github page
  • How to work around the commands of the terminal
  • How to setup a GitHub profile ## What's next for Tower-Stack
  • Looking into how a sort of battle Royale mode could be set up so others can compete with each other online.
  • Once this is done we will learn how to launch this into the app store first then android.
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