From idea to project

During the IC Health Hack 2017, the Microsoft Fizzyo Challenge described a problem that needed solving: young patients of Cystic Fibrosis Found the physio routine dull and monotonous, so we were challenged to find a way of dealing with this problem in the 36 hours of the duration of the challenge. For that, we joined and founded SelfieSticks to create our proposed solution: Tower Blocf.

What is it?

Tower Blocf implements the Cystic Fibrosis physio routine within a classic block-stacking game, which in turn features achievements, a reward system, leveling and other exciting mechanisms, making the therapy more of an enjoyable challenge and less of a chore.

How we built it:

We used the Unity game engine and learned C# in the process. Thanks to the help of Microsoft representatives and Unity professionals we were able to gain first-class insight on the proper way of designing a game. Learning how to use (for the first time) Unity, GitHub and C# proved to be one of the main exciting challenges of the project.

What are we proud of:

Our simple and achievable project together with our enthusiasm and high expectations are what made Tower Blocf such an outstanding idea in the eyes of the judge panel, and we are proud to be winners of the Microsoft Fizzyo Challenge and second-place winners overall of the Health Hack 2017.

What's next for Tower Blocf:

Now armed with a new division consisting of amazing game developers, we aim to turn our pitch into a fully functional open-source game application. We want to add a wide variety of engaging features to make our game fulfill its purpose, and are in the process of ideating and implementing these. Tower Blocf is looking bright, and as we already know, the sky is the limit!

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posted an update

In our Hackathon Project we have created a simple block stacking game, which allows the player to stack blocks on to a platform. While the gameplay is quite simple and intuitive where you need to press the button on your fizzyo device (or ctrl in current version) to drop blocks. Then after you calibrate the device initially, the screen begins to dim automatically unless you blow into the Fizzyo (our Fizzyo broke so we replaced the pressure and length reading with the b button to prevent the game from dimming over time) The idea of this, is that patients, and hopefully children will intuitively learn to do their CF exercises correctly, as they don’t want the screen to dim so that they can play. Potential future implementations would be to finalize the fizzyo controller controls, and to create a machine learning algorithm that can be optimized depending on the patient. Also modifications on the game depending on gender would be quite easily implemented and multiplayer mode would be great for siblings. Why we think our game rocks: if you press the ctrl button several times in a row that is an explosion of blocks that is pretty fun. Also the intro scene is amazing 

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