Towing sucks. We wanted to do something about it.

What it does

Tow Nooooo! sends you a text message when your car is getting towed.

How we built it

Particle Photon + Arduino starter kit + IFTTT

Challenges we ran into

To be honest, we probably spent more than half of the hackathon trying to get our device a WIFI connection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our hack works! If you set it up in your car and your car tilts back 20 degrees, you WILL get a text message.

What we learned

This was a first hardware hack for both of us.

What's next for Tow Nooooo!!!

The Particle Electron features cellular connectivity. This is the feature that will make Tow Nooooo!!! accessible to adventurous parkers around the world.

Other Features

  • Give tips for interacting with towing people
  • Send directions and contact info for the nearest towing facility
  • Map out high-risk parking areas

Built With

  • ifttt
  • photon
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