We wanted to make it easier to people to gather together and explore different cities' culture and sights.

What it does

Imagine you are an English person who goes to the Bahamas for the first time ever in you life. You want to socialize and do sightseeing, understand something new about the culture of that distant place. If you are a user of our app you are given a number of suggested routes in a menu and you pick one. Each route has a starting point so all the users who want to visit the same tour should gather together at the starting point at predefined time, meet with each other and visit all the places from the picked option. The role of Twilio is to make sure that all the users are notified about the incoming beginning of the gathering. All the users are being sent an smses reminding them about the gathering. Our virtual guide using google maps' functionality shows the group around an array of landmarks and sights in general.

How we built it

We used android java, android studio and SQLite

Challenges we ran into

Various debugging problems, the difficulty of binding a database to an android app, and 'querrying' it in java. Database architectural issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The teamwork was top quality and even at the very early stages of the day we were concentrated and devoted entirely on the project.

What we learned

We gained more complete understanding of how databases work, how to build and structure them. We understood a lot about how to the view system of Android, resource loading and debugging.

What's next for TourTeam

We may continue its development.

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