October 3rd was truly a life-changing day. Our team was overcome by an enormous sense of inspiration, partially because we were able to attend one of the greatest experiences in our undergraduate career, and perhaps one of the greatest experiences in our lives: the release of Super Smash Bros for 3DS. Unfortunately, for petty reasons such as "CalHacks", we were unable to sit around and play our children's games all day. However, we still really wanted to play video games. Eventually, we settled on "let's pretend to make something for CalHacks but it's actually just an app that makes playing Smash Bros easier for us". And that's how TournUp was created.

The App
TournUp was designed to make hosting tournaments easier for the average gamer who wants to host small tournaments with his or her friends. Previously, in order to host tournaments, a host had to go to great lengths to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly. Even with bracket generating apps like Challonge, a host still has to manually enter results and manually pay out to the winners of the tournament.
TournUp makes the hosts removed from the tedious, making it such that the host only has to find players and hand them a link to join the tournament. From there, the players signup, pay, and submit results through TournUp, and, at the end of the tournament, TournUp pays the winners of the tournament.

How It Works

  1. The host sets up a tournament, decides on the structure of the tournament.
  2. The host sets the entry fee, prize percentage, and maximum participants.
  3. TournUp gives the host a link to share with participants.
  4. Participants use the link to join the tournament, and they pay the host through Venmo via TournUp.
  5. TournUp generates the bracket and creates round-by-round pairings for the players.
  6. At the beginning of a round, TournUp sends a push notification to players, and players can see who they are playing.
  7. When players finish a round, they use the Android NFC Tap feature to select and confirm results.
  8. At the end of play, TournUp uses Venmo to pay out to the winners of the Tournament.

The Technology
On the user's end, we have an easy-to-use Android application (Java). This connects to a MongoDB database that has players' names, records, and payment information. Node.js then uses the MongoDB data to generate brackets and give players their pairings each round. Using Parse, we send push notifications to user's phones when a new round starts or when the tournament ends and they have prized.

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