Our love for Esports and expand knowledge in a way for more people to find careers in with a exponentially growing industry.

What it does

Informational website taken from the Liquidpedia-API database and transformed into with Linear Regression model that describes the potential Esport career outlook by looking at previous tournament prize pool data.

How I built it

We first built it on a blueprint based on Liquidpedia's API database where we took out those files on roughly 100 Tournaments from 10 different games and then implemented Linear Regression Models. With LinReg Models we're able to create various plots which shows the trends of highs and lows of the data from all the prizepools from previous tournaments. We then created a website with HTML/CSS explaining the Esports graphs and industry. With this, we strive to a database for users to see the job outlook aspect is if they were ever to go into Esports industry. Thus, using this model you can also predict the future prizing for Tournaments.

Challenges I ran into

Brainstorming ideas, code development, and beginners creating front-end design, using machine learning to predict prizes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning and expanding knowledge on more API usage, Linear Regression Model, and HTML.

What I learned

The fast growing expansion of Esports industry and how we can predict future prize pool predictions from it.

What's next for Tournament's Prize Pool Prediction

We hope to take this outside of the hackathon and further our research in the Esports industry where it can benefit people in finding more jobs in that field.

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