It is an Alexa skill focused on tourism, primarily tourism in India. The purpose of this skill is to help people to gather various information on different tourist places (especially in Delhi as of now) from Alexa.

This skill will allow Alexa to answer queries like what is the location of a particular spot, what is the best time of the year to visit that spot, what are the special attractions of that place, etc.

Instead of searching all these information from various sources on the Internet, users can simply ask their queries to Alexa and Alexa will answer them.

When the user provides a voice input, Alexa uses its VUI to handle the user input, and it finds out a particular intent which can serve user query. Alexa, after determining the appropriate intent and parameter, sends a request to lambda function. The lambda function uses appropriate handler to serve the request. The handler actually makes a API call to the above mentioned REST API to get the required data, generates the response and sends it back to Alexa VUI.

I once lead the team of this project in Smart India Hackathon and made a few changes like adding Google distance matrix API to get the location between origin and destination.

There are many thing that I could add like more sample utterances , more tourist spots , progressional response and APL templates to make the skill more interactive.

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