We always thought that if we could implement our oops language in any good way so we thought of the idea of tourism guide using c++ and we thought of the time when everything was based on the terminal and tried to bring back the old-time

What it does

This code actually help and provide u with nearest all the information which we need while we visit a new city nearest food stall, location to visit, and many other things which can actually help to enjoy

How we built it

We c++ and implemented the OOPS concept and no other API or anything like that was used it was a clear code made to run on terminal

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the problem of the data as using the API was not allowed so it was a great challenge what to do and how to do and especially using c++

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally got the idea of manual feeding that used to be used in the old-time and we did the same and made the full code without any API or anything completely manual

What we learned

We were clearly able to re revise our oops concept and we were able to learn new things and working on a project got us all a great experience and best learning

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