Most of the times we take too much concentration on the UI without really considering what really does the heavy lifting in our apps, we care so much about styling that we tend to forget the backend, it takes care of persisting data, and does the SCRUD operations in our apps.

What it does

The app built is concentrated on the backend. It is a creation of available REST APIs that can be used by any front-end web frameworks. The APP has endpoints for users and tourism CRUD operation that is leveraged from the UI. We will be using angular to show-case the APIs as the front-end.

How I built it

We had to prepare the database replica sets first because that is crucial for our data, we can collect data over time but lose them just in seconds just because we don't have backups. Then we started with the express endpoints and using angular to test CRUD operations against our app.

Challenges I ran into

Coding can be intimidating at times. Building locally and then there comes the hassle of you getting the app to www where it can be used by others Using Free and open-source tools to build the app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the app to the state where it is a working app, and doing the work of a full-stack web developer, and to have an app that is an authentication

What I learned

Configuring a mongoDB replica set,in depth coding in nodejs and building the UI(CSS,HTML)

What's next for TOURISM

Improve the app.

  1. add role base control 2.ratelimit and email authorization 3.make it realtime
  2. Improve the UI and add more functionality 5.Document the APIs
  3. Make the app GEOAWARE, add location and mapping
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