To many, the hardest part about planning a vacation is picking the specific places to go to. Endless amounts of research from countless biased sites can leave you overwhelmed. That's why we created TourCation, a simple website dedicated to providing information on certain tourist sites to show you the BEST places to go.

What it does

Given a curated list of nine tourist spots, we provide a complied list of data that tells you the location's current status, including its weather and a map of the surroundings. With these data points, we hope to provide an objective view on each spot.

How we built it

The website was built on Bootstrap (HTML, CSS< Javascript), with a few templates to back it up. Google's Map API, as well as openweathermap's forcast and weather API were used as well.

Challenges we ran into

With many of the APIs we explored, the documentation was either rather unclear, or too advanced for our knowledge. As such, we were required to spend a lot more time researching, leaving very little time to actually build the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how we got the APIs working despite difficult documentation. The design of the website was also rather nice.

What we learned

We gained additional knowledge on Javascript, specifically with APIs and JSON. We also brushed up on HTML and CSS, something that we have not used for years.

What's next for TourCation

We plan to add additional APIs and locations to provide more information. We may also in the future, decide to add a search bar to make the research possibilities nearly limitless.

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