touchRevise is a completely different approach to learning languages. Imagine a situation when you read a book in a foreign language, in which a lot of vocabulary is unknown. One approach would be to have a dictionary at hand and write down the new words to revise later. There is, however a better solution.

With touchRevise it's simpler than ever, just follow these easy steps:

  • tap "New word list", then "Take a photo"
  • point your camera at a page and take a photo
  • select languages
  • select words you want to learn(move around the photo using two-fingers) The app recognizes the words with OCR, automatically fetches translations and adds the words to a new word list you can then freely adjust.

The word lists are divided into tabs according to languages. You can start a revision by tapping a list name and then "Start repetition". A quiz is shown, with the words from the list in random order. You can answer either by typing a word or speaking it out loud after tapping the microphone icon. Tap the speaker icon to hear the word, tap the question mark icon from the action bar to get a tip.

After each finished repetition you can choose to store the results in a database and loop up you progress at any time, by tapping on the revision name and then "Show Statistics".

The app can be downloaded here

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