Challenges entered

BCS Challenge Investec Challenge BMI Challenge Best Domain *see end of story Best IoT Hack using Qualcomm device


We conducted research on the cleanliness of hospitals and discovered that germs are commonly spread through electronic devices. We believe that this can be prevented through gesture devices.

What it does

Our device allows the access of patient files with out having to touch anything. This prevents the spread of germs as there is no physical contact with the device. A facial recognition camera is used to log into the device. We then use a motion sensor to track motion. The device tracks the quality of the air in the hospital as well as patient details.

How we built it

We combined sensors to an arduino and linked it to a dragonboard. After this we connected a leap motion device to a the laptop. The DragionBoard would then link with the laptop. The laptop has a program which shows the data collected from the Arduino. This would then be presented as a graph which can be controlled with the Leap Motion.

Challenges we ran into

In an early version the touch sensors was too sensitive. We fixed this by re-calibrating the device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The 3D renderings of the product look nice

What we learned

We learned that communication is vital when collaborating on a project. We have also learned that it is not a good idea leaving thing to the last minute....

What's next for Touchless Touchscreen

Finalise design through more prototyping.

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