I've recently got into poker and have been intrigued by the world of bet-making. I wanted to bet on other things other than poker games, such as sports outcomes. However, in a nearly cashless society, it is cumbersome to coordinate bets with friends in real life to place such bets. It made so much more sense to have the bets be pooled electronically, then distributed automatically to the friend who placed the winning bet. Currently, fantasy football exists to place bets on professional leagues, but nothing is serving the college sports market. Hence, our team set out to make our idea happen, focusing on collegiate football due to its untapped market and widely available dataset online.

What it does

Our platform lets friends place bets on college football game outcomes with their friends. We show them upcoming games, statistics of the teams playing, as well as professional predicted betting odds. You choose an upcoming game, select a friend, then select the amount you want to bet with them. After selecting the odds you want to bet on, you send the bet request to the friend, and once they accept it, the wager is on.

How we built it

We build our backend on Python to collect football data from an API available online (Fantasy Data API). We then connected that to our website to show upcoming games, team statistics, and betting odds. For our payments side, we used to settle transactions and connected that to our betting platform on our front end. We stored all our data on firebase.

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to feed live data to our betting platform, set up the payment infrastructure of these bets, and connect our back end to our front end. We also had an issue with the API used to pull football data. The data provided wasn't organized well and couldn't be used very effectively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of taking our idea and putting in the effort to make it viable. It was an ambitious task to create a betting platform, so we are happy that our long hours paid off.

What we learned

We learned how to interact with APIs, and how to put in live data feeds into a website.

What's next for TouchDown

We want to expand to other collegiate sports and to optimize our UI. Increasing the number of sports our platform supports would increase our potential customer base and help boost the network effect of TouchDown. Increasing our UI would help retain our customers and give us an edge against competitors in the betting space.

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