The project, "Touchdown" was inspired by novice drone pilots that struggle with sticking the landing of their quadcopters. Using an intelligent landing platform and mobile app, Touchdown trains young pilots and hones in on their skills.

What it does

Real-Time analysis and feedback of user performance when landing and operating UAS/drone.

How we built it

NodeMCU IOT board streams real-time data and publishes to web-server. JSON data is then served to mobile device application built using Ionic 2 framework. Data from ultrasonic sensors and IP camera is streamed to the mobile application. Touchdown also receives real-time weather data from local airfields sourced through a myriad aviation based APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating a large number of different technologies into a harmonized IOT platform.

What's next for Touchdown

Streamline the design of the landing pad using higher fidelity materials and sensors.

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