The current stack for Node.js always includes Mongo, which has a query language that is not remotely intuitive. Now with Couchbase Server 4.0, one can use N1QL (a SQL-like query language for documents) so that they can truly create what they want. This project is one way to do that, creating RESTful APIs for anyone wanting to develop a social network, or anything related that uses Couchbase and Node.js. This also changes the need for social networking applications like Yammer, so that one can manage a scalable database, and have more control over the data, instead of outsourcing that to another company.

What it does

This project is completely configurable with a config.json file that allows one to specify the attributes of each user that the developer wants to track. Then one can change the branding of the website to customize it to their need, and make it completely their own. This takes care of session-based security, login, email verification, registration, tracking statistics, and allowing user to make posts and search each other.

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