Last summer, at Make School Summer Academy, I was pondering what App I wanted to bring into the world. After many days of deliberation, I found the answer in my day-to-day routine. Almost everyday, I would be texting or calling my best friends, and I realized that I only really kept in touch with a few of my real-life friends. Thus, Touch was born: a way to constantly connect with all contacts.

What it does

Touch is a social networking app that allows users to message randomly suggested contacts. Once the Compose wheel is spun, users can choose to message that randomly selected contact with a custom emoji or to spin again. In the inbox, a user can view and thank Touch messages that they have received. In a nutshell, the app allows users to keep in touch at the touch of a finger.

How I built it

Using the Swift and Xcode skills I learned at Make School Summer Academy, I built Touch for my final project. From there, after several revisions and rewrites, the most recent version of Touch emerged.

Challenges I ran into

While building my app, some challenges I ran into were adding read/unread features; implementing cell-phone verification and login; sending push notifications; and designing a flowing aesthetic theme.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm quite proud that I was able to clean up the login and abolish traditional the username-password system. Also, I am very happy with my custom emoji skills, as I'm not much of an artist myself.

What I learned

The most powerful thing I learned from the process was the utter importance of revisionism to design. Version after version, build after build, I realized the illusory namesake of "final product." Because there's always a way to improve.

What's next for Touch

I plan to improve the aesthetics, add more emoji options, and look into new ways to present choosing a contact.

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