The emerge of sustainability in Fashion same as many other industries is pushing more designers, Brands and eventually social platform users like bloggers using AR technology to showcase products and designs ,having that in mind and since my job is divided between these two, I've been fancying more fabrics with built-in simulation variants for garments to be used with Cloth Simulation Templates.

What it does

This lens is providing a real time touch experience to user/creator for a better chance to examine fabric's flow according to its physics on an augmented cloth piece. A Pack of 5 example fabrics simulations implanted by WorldObjectController to the scene is interacting with hand physics, this Mixed Reality experience can be used as a Material Helper for Try Ons in future at the same time something playful for making satisfying videos on Spotlight (I hope).

How we built it

The simulation is applied on a Cloth_mesh which is replaceable with any 3d garment design that comes with Vertex Paintings to interact with colliders in scene later.

Challenges we ran into

Controlling the distance between colliding objects in the scene and how it gets projected through the Lens and interacts with hand colliders been a bit problematic and I had to redo the project to find the best settings that works , I found collider meshes a bit distracting and lagging for this case so had to keep them invisible instead only the touch Sphere is invisible when hand is tracked this is when hand tracker's visibility can be toggled by a tap option

Accomplishments that we're proud of and What we learned

I'm glad had the chance to learn how to set objects and trackers in the scene and controlling details with the scripts meanwhile had to study some sources like Physics-Inspired Upsampling for Cloth Simulation in Games to get a better idea of how computer translates this process.

What's next for Touch This

I hope I get the chance to vast this project to a Full Body Collision Cloth Simulation Pack with customized useful garment meshes.

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