This application is entry for employees at work side. they are sitting more than hours in a single place so that they are getting lots more health related problem, it start from the heart, if you sit more than an hour in chairs your heart pumping the blood to all over the body very high pressure at varying more part of your body. it's lead to create a cause like back pain, heart related problem. to avoid such kind of things this application monitoring the user activities at the work site to ensure the person will not idle more than 30 minutes in a single place.

What it does

This application uses the push notification service to monitoring the user activities at work site. Using Neura APIs to make sure the current event of the user will predict and push notification provides to act the user.

How I built it

Using Neura APIs calls for relevant like identify the user at work place and provides the all the function related with it.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the right event at the right time and monitoring the user whether he/she is act based on the notification that provided to him.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wrote this application for the employees who spending their time more on more hours in the single chair as long, this application alerts the user to take me 1 or 2 minutes walking will ensure the blood flow in the body will go normally.

What I learned

The AI framework API Neura I learned from this contest.

What's next for Touch Burn

Adding Google Maps, Elevation meter, activities monitoring, calories burn accurate data and machine learning algorithms will give the accurate information about the activity summary will lots of information in the visualization.

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