We all have extremely advanced mobile devices that become useless as soon as we start working in front of our computers. We wanted to extend the typical keyboard and mouse inputs to leverage the touch capabilities of our smart phones in an intelligent way based on our current working context. We built a mobile web app that synchronizes the applications running on your mac to your phone in order to provide more fluid interactions.


We created a native client application that runs on your Mac and connects via Firebase to your phone. The Mac application keeps track of what windows you have open and which one you are currently interacting with. The mobile web application then uses this information to provide contextually appropriate controls. For example, if your Mac is running Spotify, your phone can change the song, or pause the music. The mobile app also allows you to change which application you have focused.


We added support for the following applications:

  • Reddit (next post, previous post, upvote, downvote, preview)
  • Youtube (play/pause, volume up, volume down)
  • Spotify (skip song, play, pause)
  • Facebook (previous post, next post, like and unlike)
  • Gmail (up, down, view email, back to inbox, archive)
  • Keynote (start presentation, next slide, previous slide)
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