The challenge

Customers say no to solar for hundreds of reasons. And now California has given them one more: a required change in their utility rate.*

Our goal is to remove this point of friction -- and keep the customer's momentum towards a decision on solar.

What it does

Our tool is built for the point of sale, when a sales rep is in the home or on the phone. Simply enter basic customer information, and our platform will:

  • Access the customer’s historical electricity usage
  • Analyze and match them to a typical type of user
  • Engage the customer on the relationship between their behavior and future time-of-use bill

Who needs us

Any solar installer talking to customers in SDG&E, PG&E or SCE.

What's next

Who actually likes thinking about electricity, anyway? Our MVP lets us iterate and find the best way to frame an otherwise complicated and annoying topic.

As the electricity industry becomes even more complicated, we want to be the company both SolarCity and PG&E call to simplify for their customers.

* Mandatory time of use is a requirement of "NEM 2.0", which takes effect once a utility hits its net metering cap.

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