TOTHEMOON INC. aims to bridge the gap between those unaware of cryptocurrency/blockchain technology and enthusiasts, professionals and industry whales. The team’s goal is to revolutionize the NFT space through unconventional and forward thinking. TOTHEMOON’s growth will ultimately contribute to the crypto community’s expansion into untapped markets and provide quality NFTs designed to be incorporated into multiple projects.

TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE was inspired by the crypto community’s enthusiasm in regards to going “to the moon”. In a sense, the team was inspired by Non-Fungible token technology and the way other NFT projects have morphed the industry into what it is today, in such a short period of time. The Collectibles market and childhood memories of collecting Trading Card Games have both inspired and motivated the creation of TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE. Lastly, the idea of creating an everlasting Metaverse on the NEO platform motivates and excites us.

TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE NFT collectors will engage with our Metaverse and be a part of a once in a lifetime experience. This is a new-age society where moon plot owners and moon teams have their own governance systems with rules set by these plot owners. This is a strategic community-building Metaverse where early collectors are rewarded for coming to TOTHEMOON first. There are NFT staking requirements for building Moon Infrastructures, as well as a set max supply for each NFT. This creates a supply and demand economy where the NFT collectors community and Moon Plot Teams interact through TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE marketplace. The advantage of Moon Plot Teams fulfilling Infrastructure build staking requirements is being rewarded with TTM Tokens. Certain Infrastructures also have other rewards and perks to be gained and experienced in future 2D + 3D games.

We have discovered that our calculated decision to build on NEO has been extremely advantageous. The dev community has proven to be heavily involved and communicative with one unified goal in mind.

Our project was built on the idea of rewarding early collectors and being a user-experience driven economy. TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE was created over thousands of hours of creative sessions and constant communication amongst the team. Although we are coming to NEO as a new project, we have been working on the concepts and creations of the UNIVERSE for nearly 4 years.

TOTHEMOON INC. is proud to bring this project forward as part of the NEO community and eager to see what the future holds for both teams as plans take shape. We are thrilled to be an exclusive NEO Metaverse powered by the NEO blockchain. The team understands we have a lot of work ahead of us before we can start naming any satisfying accomplishments. Our aspirations are high and we strive for quality in every sense of the imagination.

TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE will be never ending and everlasting. We have an astounding amount of ideas with all actions planned and realised to create the best user experience possible. After the release of our NFTs for Cycle 1 (8 phases of the Moon), we plan to launch our 2D game and begin development of our 3D game and other 2D game concepts, utilizing the same NFTs. The moon is only the beginning, this is TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE, which is why our next location of colonization in our Metaverse is planet NEO (Cycle 2). Be sure to stay tuned for what’s to come...

Not only do we have plans for expanding our reach in the future, but in the present, we hope to access wider audiences through the use of multimedia. We accompany each Moon Phase release with one chapter of our storybook. We plan to release a story book for each Cycle in TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE. Animation with storytelling is also in the works as we continue to use innovative thinking and break the barriers between various artforms in order to “bridge the gap”. Welcome to TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE where time and space are incalculable and creativity knows no bounds.

Built With

  • neofs
  • nep11
  • nep17
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