Note: All graphics and music in this project were made by our team


We were inspired to make a shoot-em-up by old Japanese shoot-em-ups since they are generally fun to play and usually interesting to look at.

What it does

Totemgach is a game where you go through wave after wave of enemies clearing them, collecting as many points as possible while defending a payload.

How we built it

We used Unity to program the game, Medibang to create all of our art, and soundation to create our music.

Challenges we ran into

Our programmer ran into some logic issues and had to redo a lot here and there, for the most part for our graphic artist and music creator it was mostly issues with "okay where do we go from here?"

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Artist - "Getting a crap ton of art done in such a little amount of time" Programmer - "Getting it done in time" Music creator - "I'm happy with how the small little pieces of music came out"

What we learned

We learned that working with a small team and being giving such little time isn't all that easy, but its nothing we cant handle.

What's next for Totemgach

The next steps for Totemgach is probably adding in some power ups, more enemies and rounds, aswell as adding in bosses. Adding in some animation would be nice to make the game feel smoother and just look better overall. It would also be nice to spend some more time with the music, editing it and refining it to match the game a little better and make it sound better.

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