One day I rolled into class and my business teacher told me about a program. It was called the JA Company Program. Their mission is to help high school students to start and run their own business in a low risk environment. So, I signed up. I eventually became the VP of IT at this company and developed their website on basis of Shopify. I knew HTML and CSS from before but this was my first real web development project. I learned a lot of things during this process, like flexbox which is amazing. This was my first year in a JA Company as a Grade 9 student, and I look forward to doing this program every year, evolving my skills as I do it!

What it does

The website is a clean and minimalistic experience for whoever is visiting our website. My team and I added some other features:

Featured Artists Page

This is a page where we can connect artists and small businesses with each other and our own customers with them as well.

The Blog


I spent a lot of time into making all animations perfect, seamless and satisfying. I used the Animate on Scroll library for all the scrolling animations and the normal :hover pseudo class for the normal animations.

How I built it

It was pretty hard at first since I hadn't coded in a long time and my HTML and CSS knowledge was rusty. But once I got the hang of it, I was on a streak. The total for the Featured Artists Page was a 1000 lines of code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned a lot more stuff than I already knew while working on this website:

  • Flexbox - This is one of the things that I discovered a while after I made the cards for the Featured Artists Page. I thought that it definetly needed to be responsive since most people will be visiting straight from our Instagram so I tried making a bunch of @media-queries first but it was too much work. Eventually, I discovered flexbox and it got the job done.
  • Got VS Code - I felt it was too hard writing everything by myself so I found basically the best code editor on the planet: VS Code.
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2022 Awards and Accolades:

  • Annual Dragon's Lair Pitch Competiton 1st Place Winner
  • Sales Video Finalist
  • Teamwork Award
  • Steve Glickman Creative Connector Scholarship
  • Brayl Copp Distinguished Business Leadership Award

Nominated: CSR Award Business, Proficiency Award, Outstanding Company of the Year

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