I myself am a little too zealous with productivity. Maybe its because I have too many hands in too many pies? I've made previous works help me decide what hobbies best fit my future goals, and what costume projects would give me more bang for my buck (one of the hobbies that is expensive enough to warrant a whole +600 KB Excel file that filters +100 costume ideas and variations to best fit budget). But I always wanted to help people, and I needed to clean up my older files. So I started almost from scratch again.

What it does

At start up, the file will ask for topics and tasks. Topics first, this is usually different classes or maybe just a single topic named "IMPORTANT". I have my classes and hobbies in the example. After this, adding a new task will ask what what related topic is to it.

By adding a task, the relating topic will collect how many hours will be needed to "do a day's work". Currently, the math formula to estimate that is difficult, so right now, it just collects the fractional hours of each topic (hoursleft/dayleft) and compares that too the theoretical fractional hours left to do tomorrow.

The next page features a -hopefully- clean academic record for the semester. Adding a class will bring an interface that asks the class's information. Users can add 'sample data' of new grades and real time estimates of their grade will pop up.

How I built it

I used Excel and VBA to program the file. I organized the work ideas on paper and used my old program as a reference. The full program will have user forms to help the process.

Challenges I ran into

I use Excel daily, so I was most comfortable with using Excel. However, a poll with my friends (not exactly unbiased sample source, I know) showed most think Excel is painful to use, 2nd most are willing to learn.

User interface and usability is the most important aspect I feel then. This means more focus on user forms and possibly messages for users. I also need to heavily consider the stress aspect of the user. This program was made to help against stress, asking users to use something new can easily break that. Using Excel, its is currently easy for the user to 'touch' anything else. I will have to consider how to 'fix' these touches and exactly how a user might enter information that can break the program. I also need to consider what they can do when ctrl+z does not work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Instead of heading in, I am glad I considered the user aspect heavily in the design process. It halted work immensely, but will make work in the long run easier than patching up issues with tape or whole redesigns later.

What I learned

More VBA experience was needed and I would love to consider app development. User psychology would be interesting to delve into more.

What's next for Totally Simple Productivity ToDo List

Much more work. First with the User Forms, then with the data analysis such as proper 'work load' estimates and finals critical grade reports.

Couldnt find a way to upload the paper work, so sorry about that. Encourages me to plan more ahead and learn how to actually use GitHub for once.

I am also interested in food and nutrition.I recently have been experimenting with how to set up meal plans.

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