To send bulk personalized emails automatically from excel sheet without .

What it does

You will create one draft Email with some variables decorated by {{Variables}} , then create one excel workbook. open add-in and create table with variables columns. Enter Emails and Column values, Select that Draft email and click "Send Email" button.

This will send emails for each row from the table.

How I built it

I had used Fabric js, HTML, CSS, Jquery to develop from end of the add-in. To Get Access token to get Draft Emails and Send Emails on behalf of that user Create Node js api. Implement Single sign on.

Challenges I ran into

Implement Single sign on and host node js api were main challenges i had faced.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Add-in is able to do operations without requiring sign-in again.

What I learned

fabric js, Node api, Microsoft graph api

What's next for Total Email - An Excel add-in for Office 365

Right now add-in in only available in specific account. So,to publish add-in in office store, so anyone can download and use it.

Link for the same : link

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