We wanted to build a waste sorting app that would come in handy for every eco-conscious person out there. So, sorting house waste is just a snap away instead of pondering over it. Most of the time whatever goes into a recycling bin doesn't belong there and that affects the entire recycling system, making recyclable waste un-recyclable due to contamination. The functionality of the app is quite simple: you just have to scan the item, it will you the category it belongs to and how you should sort it.

This is the first time any member of our team has participated in a hackathon so we wanted to focus on building our idea as a separate entity where we get to learn different technologies and resources provided to us. Unfortunately, we could not get everything put together for the demo but we will continue this project as we are very proud of the work we have put together in a very short period of time. In the future, we will build a mobile application that would categorize images uploaded by users that tells them exactly how to recycle.

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