With over $1.6B invested in ICOs and Token offerings over a mere four months, there is an immediate question of why today, in a world of rapid technology, we cannot create more useless ICOs and token offerings from the comfort of our bathroom, bedroom or backyard?

What it does

ToshICO provides a seamless UX through the Toshi bot platform allowing users to create and deploy useless ICO contracts to the blockchain.

How I built it

ToshICO is built using Coinbase's Toshi platform

Challenges ran into

The biggest challenge was having to bear the weight of seeing the grander population not having the ability to invest foolishly and lose money in amateur ICO offerings. This was of course until ToshICO.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to bring about the newest paradigm of decentralized stupidity.

What's next for ToshICO

Given the current amount of narrow money in existence at a markedly 26.3 Trillion dollars, ToshICO posits itself in a prime position if it can capture just 0.0001% of that value ( $2,630,000,000 IN POTENTIAL MARKET CAP), then it's bound to make investors happy.

Given this fact. ToshICO is ACTIVELY marketing our pre-pre-sale (36.7% bonus) of our presale (14.4%) for our upcoming token sale for the TSHI Token coming 2019.

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