2/3 members of the team are incredibly indecisive. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes to decide what and where to eat. This is a website for the benefit of every indecisive person. We wanted to make it easier for people to make decisions when everyone seems to be "okay" with every choice.

What it does

Toshi helps indecisive users make decisions so that they can be more efficient and also have their preferences satisfied. The site has the user create an account and set their preferences in all sorts of topics, currently we're focusing on food. The site then shows the user what kind of decision making activities the site can perform. These include: "This or That", "Randomizer", "Flip a Coin", and "Set Preferences". This or That has the user make several choices by asking them to compare between 2 different options. Eventually, the option that is chosen the most is the final decision. The user's preferences are used to give weightage to certain options, and then those options are compared to see what the user would prefer at the moment. Randomizer gives users the ability to not have to make any decisions at all! They just need to input their choices, and Toshi will respond with a randomly chosen decision. This is especially useful when all choices seem equally good. Flip a Coin is a fun way for the user to get a random decision when they only have 2 choices. Set Preferences allows the user to set new, or edit, preferences. These preferences play a major role in the 'non-random' decision making processes.

How we built it

We built this using php and Javascript for the back end, and HTML and CSS for the front end. We designed the UI first and used Figma to visualize our plans. We used GitHub for version control, and XAMPP was our web server solution stack package. We created a database to hold the users' information using php and MySQL

Challenges we ran into

Most of us had little experience with the languages we were using, so we had to learn while working. It was a bit hard to get started at first, but once we understood how to go about it, it was quite easier to work on the rest of the site.


Brainstorming, planning, and then creating several pages of a website in such a short time was definitely an accomplishment. We had little to no experience with the technology we used so being able to learn on the spot and use the newly learned concepts to create a partially working website was quite amazing.

What's next for Toshi?

We weren't able to build some of the features of Toshi due to time constraints, so up next, we would like to continue working on the website so that it can function to it's fullest and serve it's purpose. After completing the site, we plan on eventually adding decision making for more categories, other than just food. For example, drinks, outdoor and indoor activities, books, work, design, and more! The site will also have some more ways to help users make decisions. These ways will work on involving more of the user's preferences and opinions.

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