The case was compelling and we were motivated to create eye catching visualization to attract attention to the topic. We were attracted to the idea of spreading awareness for an important topic.

What it does

We visualize torture prevention activities around the world. It allows the user to interactively explore projects, and help spread awareness by directly sharing the activity.

How we built it

It is built using the JavaScript library three.js. Other than that, it is a regular web tool.

Challenges we ran into

The 3D JavaScript technology was new to us. At the first part of the Hackathon we struggled while getting to know the technology. But around mid-Saturday it was like breaking through a wall - things started to happen!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a grip on the technology and getting a nice visualization!

What's next for Torture Awareness Globe

Filterting of the projects and further developing the visualization. Depending on the reception we might be interested in developing it further.

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