Don't wear your heart on your sleeve - wear it on your chest.

Tortellini is firmware for the Arduino Leonardo-based BoilerBadge that displays personal metrics to encourage personal growth and community-engaged improvement. In our example, the badge shares your mental health rating (as a percentage), based on your anxiety, depression, and anger levels, as determined by your social media (specifically, your tweets). Other metrics (like FitBit data) can be easily integrated.

The project utilizes IBM's BlueMix services and Watson's User Modeling for data analytics. When a user sets up their badge, the setup program prompts for their Twitter handle. Their tweets are downloaded, filtered to contain only organic content (no retweets, no hyperlinks) and submitted to Watson for personality analysis.

Once back-end processing is complete, users are enrolled into a roster file. The "server"/"master" badge reads this file and broadcasts the badge-ID, metric data pairs over RF to the recipient's badges. This allows for single point-of-control which is especially useful for coordinating badge data during events (such as hackathons).

If no OTA data is available, the Tortellini software can also display a clock in its resting state, indicating the hour in binary and minutes in 5 minute intervals.

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