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Automate the task of searching for Torrents ( Kickass, YIFY, EZTV ) and sending them to Transmission or uTorrent to download.


1. Download the Project

Clone it with Git, and update with git pull.

2. Install Node.js and Dependencies

See Node.js's website.

After installing Node.js, install Bower and CoffeeScript.

npm install -g bower
npm install -g coffeescript

Now that you have Node.js and Bower, you can install the dependencies. Change into this downloaded project directory and run:

npm install
bower install

3. Configure Your Server

Create config.json in the project's directory.

Here is a sample config.json:

    "server": {
      "port": 8000
    "transmission": {
        "host": "localhost",
        "port": 9091,
        "username": "USERNAME",
        "password": "PASSWORD"
    "twilio": {
      "phone": "15555555555",
      "accountSid": "TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID",
      "authToken": "TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN"
    "downloadDirs": {
      "Movies": "/Media/Movies",
      "TV Shows": {
        "template": "/Media/TV Shows/{{show_name}}/Season {{season}}",
        "default": null

Setup your Transmission server and change the above Transmission configuration.

Sign up for Twilio and change the above Twilio configuration. Configure your Twilio's phone number to send text messages to your TorrentAutomator server.


After you're completely done the setup above you can start the TorrentAutomator server.

coffee server/



The you can either:

Connect to the Web app

In your web-browser go to http://localhost:8000/. Modify your address for the correct server IP address and port number as configured above.

Text the Server with Twilio

Text your Twilio phone number with commands such as the following:

Search for <torrent search keyword>
Download <selection number from previous "Search for" request>
Show downloads


There are obvious legal issues, with downloading copyrighted material you do not have a license for. We do not endorse such use cases and take no responsibility for the use people make of it.

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