One of the mayor problem to enter in the IT industry is get skills for that (Software Development, Design, Marketing, and others). You can lear that skills using different methods: Official documentation, Youtube Videos, Blogs, Education platforms, or taking offline courses (before covid19). However something when people are learning from scratch something, they can get stuck with some technical issue, and they need help for that, a mentor could help those people to solve it issues and become better professionals. Torre Mentors is here to help people find mentors for their career.

What it does

Torre mentors helps you find a mentor for the skill you need to learn, just go to the site, type a skill, and see your next mentor.

How I built it

Is a single web application, that get data from public API

Challenges I ran into

Show this App to people who need it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Connect people with mentors through Torre API

What I learned

There are many platforms for Learning hard Skills, Job Seeking, Portfolios, but a network of people that are willing to offer mentoring, that is something that people learning from scratch need

What's next for Torre mentors

Future plans (draft):

  • Mobile app (android and iOS)
  • Make Inbound and Outbound marketing to reach more users

Built With

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