Our inspiration for the project came from multiple friends who complained they had spent all this money installing chargers at their homes but had no way to share them with other people except giving it away for free. They had to pay to use commercial chargers at their offices and wondered why this couldn’t be done with personal chargers installed in accessible spaces.

What it does

Torque’s P2P Charging network allows users to share their chargers and leverage other’s personal chargers to charge their EV’s or Hybrids. All the data is stored on the blockchain including the charger profile, rates, locations, and reservations and approvals.

How we built it

We built the platform by using the popular truffle-framework and their new suite: drizzle, for integration with react.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into exist more around usability in having to use a third party wallet app to complete transactions. With more time and larger team, we could create an integrated wallet into a user account and complete transactions on their behalf to make a more seamless experience.

What's next for Torque

In time if the product is interesting and has traction, we’d like to potentially launch this publicly with a more robust UI and pricing model.

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