After the game development workshop with Unity, the thought of Torkoal's challenge and environmental issues came to mind. Thus, we decided to make a fun game to showcase it.

What it does

Torkoal must avoid various plastic waste ( water bottles, plastic bags and plastic soda rings ) and help ocean friends along the way.

How we built it

We used unity for coding and developing the game. Paint and Adobe Photoshop were used to design the characters and objects.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was learning Unity to develop the game in general. Another challenge we encountered was creating and coding the restart button to reset the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the button to complete the game. Animating our turtle Torkoal and designing the game. Completing the project!

What we learned

How to use Unity, C# and creating/animating characters (in Photoshop and Unity).

What's next for Torkoal's Journey

3D, RPG and Platformer; Torkoal saves the world!

We hope to take the knowledge and experience we gained during this project and apply it in other Unity projects to come.

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