🚀TORCHWOOD🕵️‍♀️ ✨ Welcome to TorchWood✨ This project is target to a very regular problem which grew larger and came to notice during covid situations. People are too bored and struggling with severe mental issues. Our application tries to overcome this boredom and mental health issue with the help of some easy and fun tasks. Helping them contribute to social issues during such hard times.

📌 Briefing of the project : We have been into these tough situations for now over 2 years. People are restricted to stay at home and socialize less. There have been many cases reported where it is seen that people are suffering through severe mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, insomnia, denial, anger and fear. People were not ready for such a sudden change in their routine and lifestyle. As the world has changed and many conventional entertainment sources are no more helpful. Here comes our application. Our application is specially targeted to help people overcome the above stated problems. So what does the app do? The app is like a social platform where people can join and the will get few weekly/monthly tasks to be done. Tasks would look something like Planting tree/watering tree/Donating food/Donating blood/Taking vaccination etc. In this way people can help out other people in socity and get entertained as well. After completion of every task the user will receive some points which they can redeem in many ways as they want or if they want they can donate the points to the application where we (team) can convert these points into monitory things (food, clothes) etc or donate it to a NGO. This application is totally target for helping society and it's issues dureing the covid time :)

📌 Technologies used ReactJS (Frontend) NodeJS/ExpressJS (Backend) DataStax AstraDB (DataBase) Twilio-Chat (Communication)

Challenges we ran into

React Router weren't working properly plus the database query was showing some error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This game will help many to explore things.

Built With

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