I was trying to implement Deep Q Learning in Meta-Mario, which runs in the Bizhawk emulator and requires a Windows installation of Torch via Lua. It took me 24 hours to manually install this torch library, so with the remaining time I decided to build a Windows binary installer for users who need to use Torch on Windows.

How I built it

Installation of Torch

In my installation of Torch, I used 7 different command prompts to manually determine dependencies,

Building an installer

In my attempt to build a binary installer for Torch, I used C++ libraries to automate downloads, building, and testing.

Challenges I ran into

Installation of Torch

The instructions are poorly written and incorrect.

Building an installer

Using C++ for the first time, compiling with Microsoft Visual Studio compiler on the command line, and complying with MSVC's peculiarities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to go through long, messy, and incorrect instructions and actually made the library work. Github master pull requests are often approved even though they might break builds.

What I learned

Open-source projects, even those built by the likes of Facebook can be terribly unusable.

What's next for Torch for Windows

Finish the installer. Right now I'm writing unit tests

Implement Deep Q Learning in Meta-Mario.

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