It is a chrome extension to educate parents about cyber safety in a very simple manner. TOQ provides parents with important suggestions/tips so that they can talk ( or toq) with their kids about sensitive personal issues relating to online safety.

What it does

Whenever the user opens a new tab , it displays a random tip from a list of about 20-30 tips. Also, along with the tips there are also a few jokes thrown in between.

The problem with issues like cybersecurity, cyber safety is that majority of the public doesn't take the effort to take care of their online activities. It is tidious, boring and educating parents/kids through long articles is a good thing but not always helpful. People read some "Top 10 Best Security practices" article and then forget about it a few weeks/months later. Hence, this extension. Simple one-liner tips for your kids.

How I built it

I read the Chrome extension documentation. Then made a manifest file (json) . This was proceeded by making HTML, CSS, Javascript files.
The Javascript file contains a list of all the tips and quips(jokes).

Challenges I ran into

The extension is fairly simple so no challenges. I hadn't made an extension before and so just read the docs and proceeded accordingly. Fairly simple.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The simplicity of the extension. The reason I have made such a simple extension is because using it should be effortless.This is because people have low attention span and nobody is going to read long webpages full of precautions/tips about cybersafety/cybersecurity.

What I learned

simplicity is important when educating all types of people about issues like cybersecurity. Also, learnt about various permissions which developer can set for chrome extensions in the manifest file. This is important for the user's privacy, security.

What's next for TOQ : TIP OR QUIP

Lots of scope for new features. A separate block for showing any current breaches. For eg: the recent Reddit breach. Alerting parents, kids to change passwords. Provide more advice tuned to specific apps like Facebook, instagram, Snapchat. Suggesting websites, apps which help in improving security.

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