As a group of international students from a developing country, we always have to look for the best bang for our buck. This included a lot of product comparison while spending the least of our study time. During covid situations, our problem factored by infinity. Considering the fact that there are more people like us. The idea of TopShop was born.

What it does

This is a program I am building to find the cheapest price of any item by comparing prices from nearby stores. I am making this program to make shopping more efficient for me, and my roommates, especially in these difficult times. For this demo, I used video game listings from two different stores – Walmart and Toys R Us. The program scrapes the Walmart and Toys R Us Website, creating a database of items. The user can then search for any item and choose the store that has lower pricing.

How we built it

We had this idea for a while but decided to implement it for HackEd 2021. We used modules such as selenium, sqlite3, and uuid.

Challenges we ran into

The key problem was in using selenium. Sometimes, selenium attempted to fetch information before the website loaded properly. Because of this, there are many loops in the code that check if the loaded data is correct. Moreover, for Walmart, switching between pages to fetch information was also an issue as it leads to a lot of invalid pointers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea was always there but HackED 2021 motivated us to put this to work. In the process, we learned web scraping and deepened our knowledge of selenium and SQLite. As a bonus, we have a product which will help us save money and time!

What we learned

We learned how to manage large projects using workload division and team working skills.

What's next for TopShop

We plan to include as many shops/stores as possible in our database. Moreover, we are thinking of including a feature that recommends stores via automated email about items that aren't available. We hope to have a mobile and web application of this product so that it is more convenient for everyone to use.

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