Problem Statement

In the middle school classroom students have trouble connecting changes in Earths surface to events over time.

Why It Is Important

TopoTrainer enhances student learning in reading topo maps. However, the real accomplishment is allowing student interaction to adjust and create their own topographic maps. Students can then play creator as they deposit rain, a critical life source for all life. This rain then collects in watersheds, affecting ecosystems.

How we built it

We Built this in Unity!!

Challenges we ran into

We had a good idea for erosion simulation and environment changing applications the user can use. Difficult to change the good ideas into a workable time schedule for couple days. So we focused on just getting the ability to change the elevation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mountains can grow!!!! With cool sounds.

What we learned

We learned that VR isn't just for games. We can make a real impact in peoples imaginations for real world issues.

Future Scope

Next steps for student engagement would be the influence of human activities​. Students could construct, build roads, migration of species and other activities that increase the amount of erosion flowing through the watershed. This increased erosion can negatively impact the health of lakes and streams. Climate change is expected to reduce the snowpack in many mountain regions. This would decrease the flow rate of rivers, which would reduce erosion rates and the timing of deposition.

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