An educational game about topographic maps using Tanvas.

What it does

Maps are everywhere, but oftentimes they're flat and boring. We tested the Tanvas haptic feedback tablet and saw it as a great opportunity to simulate topographic maps, which are contour maps based on elevation.

Lower elevations are smoother and have less friction while higher elevations are rougher and have more friction.

The user can drag their finger across the surface of the tablet and feel the contours of the land and pick the correct corresponding realistic photo.

How we built it

Android Studio Tanvas SDK

Challenges we ran into

Randomizing the answer photos and linking the right answer to the corresponding topography map was a challenge. Creating a good layout for the app was also difficult, because the screen size of the tablet was limited.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of learning to use the Tanvas SDK and making a functional app, despite getting a 12-hour late start.

What we learned

We learned about the cool haptic feedback hardware of the Tanvas and how to create friction bitmaps for our app from png images.

What's next for Topokegraphy

We wanted to create more difficult topography maps and add more textures. We also would like to add a time, to make the game more challenging. On a bigger scale, we could apply this to Google Earth maps, where we can set a location on Google Earth, provide the right textures for the landscape and have the user pick the matching landmark.

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