Know the feeling of not being able to find anyone to talk to concerning a specific topic you are interested in? This is especially prone to happen during lockdowns caused by pandemics (current COVID-19) or living in scarcely populated areas.

What it does

Our solution helps people find and have constructive and informative conversations with other likeminded people and people with similar interests.

How we built it

Application will be available on Android platform and will support Android versions starting with 4.1. onwards, including 4.1. (Jelly Bean). For the development of the application, Android studio IDE (Integrated development environment) shall be used. This technology is based on JetBrain’s IntelliJ Java technology. Development of the server part shall be implemented using Microsoft Visual Studio, implemented in Java or C#.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have come up with a really fabulous and valuable solution that is very needed.

What we learned

We learned a lot on the way!

What's next for CoverTheTopic

Securing funding and expanding the team! Learning more, too!

Built With

  • android-studio-ide-(integrated-development-environment)-shall-be-used.-this-technology-is-based-on-jetbrain?s-intellij-java-technology.-development-of-the-server-part-shall-be-implemented-using-microsoft-visual-studio
  • c#.
  • including-4.1.-(jelly-bean).-for-the-development-of-the-application
  • java
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