Many people don't realize that their daily behaviors & nutritional intake can affect their sexual health and fertility. For example, did you know sleeping longer can increase testosterone levels in men? Or, drinking coffee can act as an aphrodisiac for women? Many of these links have been researched by universities and published in reputable scientific journals, but the information is not readily available to the common person. That's where the inspiration for TopDrawer came from.

What it does


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TopDrawer gives you advice on how to improve your sexual health, based off insights from your DNA. It works for both men and women. We analyze your DNA via GenomeLink's API and return a score indicating your predisposition for a variety of phenotypes (such as BMI or calcium levels). We then cross-reference your scores with a database of studies on sexual & reproductive health in both men & women. These studies are all legitimate research papers published by accredited institutions. Then, we show you a full report on all the potential risk factors for your sexual health, and give you recommendations on how to fix or remedy these risks.

How I built it

Using the following tools:

  • GenomeLink API -
  • Open-source Bootstrap themes - Found on GitHub
  • Free icons - Found on &
  • Free stock images - Found on
  • PHP + JavaScript

Challenges I ran into

GenomeLink has a wonderful enterprise API that allows users to upload their 23AndMe, MyHeritage, and DNA files directly to your website's frontend. I started building TopDrawer using the enterprise API, but it wasn't until I was 50% complete that the GenomeLink team informed me that the Enterprise API is still a work-in-progress, and I need to switch to the developer API that uses OAuth. Setting up OAuth flows is perhaps my least-favorite thing to do, and the PHP library I was using to facilitate it had a bunch of errors in it, so this turned out to be the most challenging part of this project. However I managed to pull-through and get the developer API working quickly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first project I've worked on in the field of Health, and it is perhaps one of the most-fulfilling projects I've ever worked on. Knowing I'm creating something that has the ability to improve the health of others is perhaps one of the proudest feelings I've felt.

What I learned

I learned how to piece together a full app with external API's and OAuth login in a short amount of time. I also learned alot about genomics, DNA, and the Health industry.

What's next for TopDrawer

Refining our product, delivering more advanced reports, and working with Genome Link to access their full database of traits. Since their API costs money to use, we may have to charge users a small fee $$ in order to access reports in the future. This will be our primary business model.


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