The midnight thought that one of the main pain points with top is that it's hard to keep track of how the most CPU-heavy processes are changing over time

What it does

Displays various system statistics (top-like listing of processes, disk transfers, network transfers, memory paging & swapping), including a line graph of the CPU usage by the listed processes. While not as in-depth as top or netstat or other traditional system monitoring tools, TopCurse aims to provide a quick overview of all basic system statistics at a single glance in 80x24 terminal

How I built it

With python, ncurses, and various system utilities

Challenges I ran into

ncurses is a rather peculiar library in many ways, so interfacing with it presented some difficulties

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The visualization is neat, information-dence, and easily readable

What I learned

More about ncurses, as well as the various system monitoring utilities in OS X

What's next for TopCurse

More statistics!

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