With how the world works today, it's really easy to get stuck in an echo chamber online. It would be fantastic to see the full coverage of everyday news and participate in discussions with others to see what they think.

What it does

TopTalk fosters discussion by providing a common space to digest media and today's top-breaking stories.

How we built it

The night before the event we got together to brainstorm ideas. Some were not so great, and some were beyond the scope of this hackathon. Once we came to a mutual agreement on what to build, we settled on a general outline of what we wanted our project to look like, what technologies we would use to build it, and how we would parallelize our work.

On the morning of the hackathon, we went to Krispy Kreme and got a lot of sugar for energy. Iowa is 2 hours ahead of our timezone so we needed an extra boost because of the early start.

Once we were fully charged, we started hacking away.

Challenges we ran into

How the scope, as well as the technical details of the project, evolved as we made progress. For each one of us, this is our exposure to a hackathon, so that was a challenge in and of itself. We all struggled with timeboxing and chased multiple dead-ends.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Exposure to new technologies ✓ Pulled an all-nighter ✓ Finished the core product ✓

What we learned

Hidden errors in javascript are not so great. Working together as a group presents challenges, especially when they are sleep deprived, hungry, and struggling to solve stubborn problems. The importance of communication and keeping a level when on a very tight deadline

What's next for Top Talk

Further connectivity for users by adding upvotes, downvotes, and replies. Giving our users the ability to cite sections of articles in their comments so that we can track which articles and/or sections of articles are discussed most and bringing those the the attention of our users.

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